The Heart of Funbugs

Our Ethos

At Funbugs Childcare out ethos is to treat each child and parent with the utmost respect.  We are committed to providing the highest quality of childcare for both children and parents.  We treat each child as an individual and work to provide guidance and encouragement at all times. 

In teaching by example, we as childcare practitioners are always aware of how our actions, tone of voice, body language, facial expressions and deliberate movements can instill confidence and a sense of achievability in each child. We will encourage and help each child to reach their own potential by providing them with a range of stimulating activities in a fun and caring environment.

We are the facilitators to the children in our care - opening up the world to them from our classrooms.

Our Vision

At Funbugs we aim to:

  • Provide the highest standard of excellence in the quality of our childcare facility.
  • Build a positive relationship with parents and staff, having a strong commitment to working as a team to enable your children to learn and grow in confidence and reach their full potential.
  • Further develop the first building block of your child's education in a warm, homely environment.
  • Provide a safe, fun, loving and caring environment so that your child/children will feel happy and secure.

Routines & Curriculums

We are committed to an on-going development of our daily routine and play curriculums, whilst adhering to the Siolta and Aistear programmes.  All activities are age and stage appropriate.  We are providing an environment that is child centered and play based, giving each child an opportunity to pursue their own learning. 

As childcare providers we realise a child's need for routine as all children crave a sense of order.  Routines also provide children with opportunities for learning in daily activities.  These activities will help and encourage the physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional, social and creative developmental needs of the children who attend our facility.  Some of these activities include:

  • Role Play Activities
  • Sand and Water Play
  • Music and Movement
  • Constructive Play
  • Arts & Crafts Activities
  • Cooking & Baking

We will ensure your child learns about teamwork and more importantly, has lots of fun!!!