Children's Menu 1st-5th April


At Funbugs Childcare all our dishes are cooked on site on a daily basis using only the freshest and best quality local produce available with an emphasis on nutrition.


Our in-house chef, Bryan, plans all our menus carefully, ensuring that each days meals are made up of the recommended quantities from each of the food groups in the Food Pyramid.  Our suppliers are local and have been highly recommended to us by families in the area.  We believe that providing good, fresh and nutritious food to a child will help them reach their full potential. 


Mealtimes are a huge social occasion here at Funbugs, and we like to keep it that way.  It is a time for the children to reflect on their day so far and recharge their batteries for the rest of the day ahead.  Stories are told, plans are made, and friendships are consolidated.  We also encourage the children to talk about what vegetables & meats they recognise in their dishes and really make a big deal of those who make great progress with their taste buds, and there is always room (and provision) for more!


Funbugs Children's Menu






Thai chicken curry with basmati rice


Beef & veg casserole served with mash


Macaroni pasta with a red pepper sauce


Meatballs with spaghetti & parmesan shavings


Sausage, beans & mash

A Funbugs Take-away Catering Menu is also available!!